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Why I hate Free DVD to ipod converters…

December 16, 2009

The reason I hate free dvd to ipod converters is because when I wanted to convert a dvd to play on my ipod the first thing I read was about a free converter.  This converter claimed is was made by a group of programmers who have a reputation for building software like this and that they strongly believe their software is the very best for this type of conversion.

Well… It’s not!

2 hours later after a tedious install and a nightmarish user experience I was finally set up to convert my first dvd.

Than… it said my DVD was encrypted and it cannot convert this dvd!   Well.. All dvds are encrypted!  All

except the ones that no one wants to watch that is!   What do they think, I’m going to sit down and enjoy watching my fathers 3rd wedding!!!  Of course not.  But that was the only non sense that this self pro claimed “high class” dvd to ipod converter was able to convert!

All other dvds with real movies on them have encryption.  And this company wasted their time building one that can’t convert those types of movies.  And.. to make it worse, they than preached about how their converter was the best… How dare them!

Ok, enough ranting.  That is why I hate free dvd to ipod converts.  They claimed everything. Even that they are better than dvd converters that work.  Once you actually try to use them, they are nothing but a 2 hour disappointment.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from those.