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How To Convert DVDs To Play On Your Ipod…

December 16, 2009

If you want to convert your dvds to play on your ipod the first thing that comes to mind is a free option.    And yes,  there are free dvd to ipod converters available.  the only problem with them is… They do not work well.  They will convert video and dvds with content you have burning off your computer to play on the ipod.  But, they will not convert dvd with Hollywood movies on them to play on your ipod.

The reason these will not convert Hollywood dvds to play on your ipod is because of the encryption with in them.   Movies have very large budgets to produce and the also have very large budgets to make sure they are not burned and to other dvds or other devices and pirated.   Hollywood want to make sure you are paying full price when you watch their moves.

But there is a way…

Some converters – the higher end ones with a budget behind them.  Have made dvd to ipod converters that CAN convert just about any dvd to play on your ipod.  The way they do this is with software that cracks the encryption of Hollywood dvds and makes it possible to burn them on other dvds or transfer them to your ipod.

Is This Legal you ask?  I’m no lawyer and don’t quote me on this and I make no guarantees they are.   But, from my understanding.. If you purchase a dvd you are allowed to do what every you like with it as long as you do not reproduce that content to sell to others.

So, if you are not planning on making a profit from burning that DVD, you can convert it to play on your ipod legally.  once again, consult real legal advice before doing this.

Which DVD converter should I use?

That’s a fantastic question.   The reason being is because most dvd to ipod converters will not convert Hollywood dvds.  They may try and make it look like they can with pictures of scenes from Hollywood dvds, but the sad truth is… those pictures are a lie made up to sell you on their un worthy product!

If you want to convert Hollywood DVDs you have to do the research – And no, free dvd to ipod converters cannot do this.  Trust me, I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to find one that can.  To convert dvd to play on your ipod, you have read real user reviews and see if those users were able to do it.

The best resource iv’e found is  That website has comments about specific dvd to ipod  converters by users who have been able to convert their dvds.

So, the moral of this story… To convert DVDs to play on your ipod, don’t waste your time with free products.  Read dvd to ipod reviews here and choose one that USERs have had a good experience.   Or if you like, you can go with one I ended up purchased – Cucusoft. click that link to read more about it.